Where Credit Is Due
Sophie Sabbage | 23 February

It seems I have left some of you with the impression that I am anti conventional cancer treatments and frustrated by the limits of oncology I have encountered in the UK. So let me set the record straight:…

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Oasis of Hope
Sophie Sabbage | 26 January

“Caring for the whole person: body, mind and spirit. Sharing the healing power of faith, hope and love; Advancing medical science to end cancer one person at a time.”…

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Dr Dana Flavin
Sophie Sabbage | 26 November

There are doctors and there are angels. Sometimes they are one and the same. I came across Dr. Dana Flavin in a film called Cancer Conquest, which I watched within two weeks of my diagnosis. I was very struck …

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These treatments comprise a personal programme that I took considerable time researching and finding reliable practitioners for