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From a talk given to people facing cancer. 19th June 2016, London.

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  • Patricia Kitts
    12th Aug 2016, 10:38 am  Reply

    My husband was diagnosed with mesothelioma in Feb and we heard you on Woman’s Hour shortly after, so we started on an alkaline diet after 50 years of cooking meat and two veg! But we’ve stuck to it and I believe the diet, his steady increase in exercise (ex Navy he has always been a fit man) and mindset have been the key to his improvement. Your interview and book have been an Inspiration.

  • Ulrike Read
    21st Jul 2016, 5:41 pm  Reply

    Thank you for your video clip. Sorry that I could not attend the talk and the retreat. Diagnosed in February with stage 4 breast ca and currently undergoing chemo. Would absolutely love to attend a retreat after the radio therapy (october) if you were to do another one? You are my inspiration, Ulrike

  • Ann Everett
    21st Jul 2016, 3:38 pm  Reply

    You are the most inspirational person I have encountered on this journey. You have given me the strength to look beyond the word rare cancer & allowed me to have some self belief. I have today volunteered for a post, which if I’m successful, & if I can help someone feel less alone or isolated with this thing we call cancer then I have you to thank. Sending hugs. xx

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