Mixed News: Health Update | 17 Aug 2018
Sophie Sabbage | 17 August

After a year of remarkable wellness I got my latest scan results this week. I am very relieved to report that my brain, which has been riddled with tumours three times in as many years, remains virtually clear (but for …

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My life went BOOM! | 24 May 2018
Sophie Sabbage | 24 May

This time a year ago I was losing my balance as tumours permeated my brain. Today I feel well, energised, focused, dare I say ‘normal’. And I just got my latest scan results. All is well. No change since last …

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How to Prepare for Brain Surgery
Sophie Sabbage | 9 March
Do a four-day juicing fast with high nutrient shots and supplements. Then eat for a few days to build strength (super food smoothies, soup, lots of vegetables, good fat, healthy protein, even a raw food brownie). Have a hot stone…
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A Marathon, Not A Sprint
Sophie Sabbage | 18 May

Growing up in Wales involved being hauled up mountains by my parents on a regular basis – come rain or shine and usually against my will. …

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The Cancer Canvas
Sophie Sabbage | 17 February

Two days ago a woman with stage four oesophageal cancer wrote a heart-rending message to one of the cancer communities I participate in. In agony and believing she was close to death, she asked us if she should resort to …

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The Cancer Warriors
Sophie Sabbage | 1 January

Okay, so now my blood is up. I’ve been trying to get some rest after the most intense year of my life, but some things just require a girl to blog. Rant. Shout. Petition. Mobilise. Incite. Send out a rallying …

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Never Say Never
Sophie Sabbage | 16 November

This time a year ago I was counting my ‘lasts’ – my last Christmas, my last winter, my last days with my daughter and nights with my husband, my last everything.…

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The Spiritual Gym
Sophie Sabbage | 27 October

The ego is a seriously crafty sucker. There I was worrying that mine would over inflate in the face of all this publicity, but instead it reduced me to a pathetic defenceless waif wailing about being manipulated, misrepresented and deeply …

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