Published Articles

Published Articles

Psychology Today | What Are My Brain Tumors Trying to Tell Me?
Sophie Sabbage | 15 June
Rooting out the dis-ease that lies beneath disease

am having trouble with my brain. It is six months since multiple brain metastases were discovered for the third time since I was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer in October 2014. …

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Psychology Today | Grief Is Another Word for Love
Sophie Sabbage | 6 February
How a terminal diagnosis taught me grief’s true purpose

efore I was diagnosed with incurable cancer at the age of forty-eight, I had passed grief by like a stranger on the street. I had reserved it for death and heartbreak, …

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welldoing170130_1140x642 | The Invisible Ones: Caring for a Loved One with Cancer
Sophie Sabbage | 30 January

uring the initial flurry of media attention that followed the publication of my book, The Cancer Whisperer, my husband and I went for a long walk in the soft fields of the Kent countryside where we live. I had just …

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lorena2_uppost | Cancer: How to Win Even When You Lose
Sophie Sabbage | 30 November

few weeks ago a young woman I befriended at a cancer clinic died of lung cancer, aged thirty. It was a heart breaking loss for me and soberingly close to the bone, since I had also been diagnosed with incurable …

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