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Lifeshocks – And how to love them

“An amazing and compelling read. This book is life-enhancing.”

Jo Good, BBC Radio London

“This book is inspiring, meaningful, life-changing.  Lots of books come to our offices, but Sophie’s is the real deal.”

Suzy Walker, Editor in Chief of Psychologies Magazine

“Lifeshocks is a spiritual classic. Typical of Sophie, the book is shockingly courageous and profoundly practical as well drawing on an impressive raft of psychological and spiritual sources. It tastes to me like a vintage claret that has been maturing over a long period – to be sipped and savoured, not glugged.”

Dave Tomlinson, author of How to be a Bad Christian - and better human being

LIFESHOCKS | Sophie Sabbage’s New Book

And how to love them

by Sophie Sabbage

Coronet hardback, £17.99
UK & Commonwealth

Available from Amazon and Booksellers
Also available in Kindle

This is a book about all the unwanted and unexpected moments in our lives. They surprise us, they blindside us. They shock us. They command our attention. Some bounce off us, other strike deep into our being. These moments are collision points between life as we perceive it and life as it actually is. These are lifeshocks.

In this ground-breaking book Sophie explains how lifeshocks awaken us by challenging us to see what we are missing – not just through significant, life-changing events like bereavement, divorce, redundancy or abuse, but through the unexpected moments of our daily lives.

Most uniquely, Sophie focuses on three kinds of lifeshocks we all receive: limiting lifeshocks which challenge our arrogance and appetite for control; exposing lifeshocks which challenge our affectations and pretences; and evoking lifeshocks which challenge our closed-heartedness. Ultimately, she shows how these lifeshocks can bring healing, transformation and peace if we only knew how to decipher their messages.

All this unfolds through deeply personal stories – her own and some of the people she has worked with and served. She uses her own experience of consciously engaging with lifeshocks for more than half her life through the teachings of her long-time mentor, Dr. K. Bradford Brown.

Between chapters there are tools and practices to help readers engage with the philosophy Sophie is sharing, which is rooted in decades of application in diverse contexts.

Lifeshocks shows us how we can move on with our lives, lighter, freer, braver and more loving than before no matter what life throws at us.




Suzy Walker, Editor of Psychologies, interviews Sophie Sabbage, author of Lifeshocks: And how to love them. Her last book The Cancer Whisperer taught us how to learn from a cancer diagnosis, not fear it. She wrote the book after a terminal diagnosis. Her latest book explains how lifeshocks awaken us by challenging us to see what we are missing – not just through significant, life-changing events like bereavement, divorce, redundancy or abuse, but through the unexpected moments of our daily lives.


“In a world so flooded with superlatives that they are all but meaningless, Sophie’s mastery of writing and teaching about Lifeshocks stands quietly in an island of calm authority.”

“This blessing of a book comes to me at a point in my life when the shocks are coming thick and fast. I’m racing through it with excitement, but am trying to slow down to savour the wisdom. The Cancer Whisperer was such an important book, and Life Shocks feels like another game changer. I’m blown away by Sophie’s willingness to be vulnerable and transparent. I’m so grateful to her for sharing her personal story and her life’s work. As I said … Game Changer.”

“Sophie Sabbage’s new book ” Lifeshocks and how to love them” is a rare accomplishment – a philosophical and spiritual treatise that is breathed into life by Sophie’s intimate real life explorations.“

“I’ve just finished Sophie’s second book and have loved it for all the reasons I loved ‘The Cancer Whisperer’. In a special way, Sophie weaves together her own beautiful and sometimes painful story with a profound and practical approach, honouring what she knows and has learned from her teachers, mentors and friends. It’s a glorious and evocative read, full of life and love and respect for herself, for the people in her life and ultimately for Life itself. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve wondered and learned all through reading this book, and found myself responding differently to everyday challenges. It’s even given me the words to explain Lifeshocks to my children. It’s a book I will return to again and again. “

“Wow! I think this is even better than The Cancer Whisperer. A masterpiece. This book illuminates how we live our lives without awareness of what really goes on beneath the surface within our minds. And offers an easy hand out of that quagmire and into the light of truthful authentic self acceptance and celebration of life in is entirety.”

Jo Good and Sophie Sabbage – BBC Radio London June 2018

“An amazing and compelling read. This book is life-enhancing.”