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SAVE YOURSELF WEEKS OF RESEARCH WITH: – A chart listing physical environmental and emotional roots of cancer so you can track some of the contributory factors. – Includes information about how Five Element Chinese Medicine connects emotion to anatomy PLUS – Six videos in which Sophie shares how she traced the emotional roots of her cancer with tips about how to do this for yourself.

“The way I see it, cancer is a not a disease. It is a symptom of other underlying causes and the more causes we identify the more power we have to heal. I wanted a template just like this when I was gravely ill and desperate for answers, but couldn’t find one. So I have made one for you – a map to start your inquiry plus some guidance about possible solutions.” – Sophie Sabbage

Video 1

Intro to Emotional Roots

Video 2

A Story of Grief

Video 3

A Story of Inspiration

Video 4

A Story of Empathy

Video 5

A Story of Fear

Video 6

How You Can Do This


In this video Sophie shares the top ten treatments she recommends having tried many. Some are simple and relatively cheap, some are more expensive and may require fundraising if you need financial support. But all have significant merit and value so check it out.

Please note: The Yes To Life UK charity offers a certain level of financial support for cancer patients seeking alternative treatments


AUDIO RECORDING: Listen to Sophie’s key advice about how to create an integrated plan for combination treatments, which can be very daunting and overwhelming. This will help you simplify the process.


This is an extract from a module on the Cancer Whispering course called, ‘Coming To Terms’. In it Sophie speaks passionately about the healing power of hope and how, perhaps surprisingly, it is something to come to terms with as much as our mortality and our grief.