champagne 8 sips
That Day When
Sophie Sabbage | 10 October

Yes, I did. 8 sips exactly. Left the rest.

That day when your scan results confirm “an excellent response to treatment” and only refer to the one remaining primary tumour in the lung, which is now quite small.…

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One Year On
Sophie Sabbage | 6 October

It’s October, my first ‘cancerversary’ since being diagnosed twelve remarkable months ago. If I had fulfilled my prognosis my friends and family would be several months into grieving the loss of me. …

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Terminating ‘Terminal’
Sophie Sabbage | 23 September

So I still have Stage Four cancer and all that jazz, but I am officially terminating the word ‘terminal’ when describing my condition. It’s got to go.…

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Advance or Retreat
Sophie Sabbage | 10 August

I probably shouldn’t joke about it, but I feel like I died and went to heaven. I am on retreat for five days in a beautiful corner of Kent where a Buddhist couple has created a haven of mindfulness and …

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Divine Conversations
Sophie Sabbage | 7 August

BedtimeGabriella (age 5): What do we do when we die Mummy?” Mummy: Our souls leave our bodies and go to heaven. Sometimes they come back to live in new bodies and sometimes they stay in invisible places on earth to …

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Ninety Days at a Time
Sophie Sabbage | 28 June

So I clocked up another birthday this month. 49. Gone are the days of lamenting the passing of another year and the once inevitable, but now unlikely descent into sagging skin, multiplying wrinkles, eroding faculties and creaking bones.…

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Sassy Soothing Side Effects
Sophie Sabbage | 2 June

I’ve been swimming with fear several times this week. I muzzle it most of the time, but it’s hard to silence it completely when you’re terminally ill. It lurks round dark corners like a stalker, ready to catch you unawares …

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Scan Results
Sophie Sabbage | 3 April

Ok, so here’s the scoop.  The MRI on my brain was cancelled because the machine broke. Bummer. I was rescheduled for today, Good Friday, and have just returned home with a lot of plasters on my arms but scan not …

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Divine Conversations