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Personal News | 01 Dec 2018
Sophie Sabbage | 1 December

Above: Selling books with Anna Sexton (R) at Female Business Owners, Warrington Nov 2018.

Greetings on this wet winter’s day in the South East of England where most of the trees are naked and Christmas lights are starting to flicker …

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Mixed News: Health Update | 17 Aug 2018
Sophie Sabbage | 17 August

After a year of remarkable wellness I got my latest scan results this week. I am very relieved to report that my brain, which has been riddled with tumours three times in as many years, remains virtually clear (but for …

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My life went BOOM! | 24 May 2018
Sophie Sabbage | 24 May

This time a year ago I was losing my balance as tumours permeated my brain. Today I feel well, energised, focused, dare I say ‘normal’. And I just got my latest scan results. All is well. No change since last …

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How to Prepare for Brain Surgery
Sophie Sabbage | 9 March
Do a four-day juicing fast with high nutrient shots and supplements. Then eat for a few days to build strength (super food smoothies, soup, lots of vegetables, good fat, healthy protein, even a raw food brownie). Have a hot stone…
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A Marathon, Not A Sprint
Sophie Sabbage | 18 May

Growing up in Wales involved being hauled up mountains by my parents on a regular basis – come rain or shine and usually against my will. …

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The Cancer Canvas
Sophie Sabbage | 17 February

Two days ago a woman with stage four oesophageal cancer wrote a heart-rending message to one of the cancer communities I participate in. In agony and believing she was close to death, she asked us if she should resort to …

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