Cancer Whispering Coaches


  • We are experienced coaches who have worked with the methodologies Sophie shares in The Cancer Whisperer for many years.
  • We see The Cancer Whisperer book as the compass to use as a means to navigate your cancer journey with dignity, personhood and purpose, no matter what the course of the disease.
  • We offer support and experience to help you master the practices described in The Cancer Whisperer. It is highly recommended you have read the book or at least have a copy to hand as we will refer to the material therein.
  • We are interested in your emotional wellbeing, willing to walk with you through the darkest times and will cheer you on when the light is shining.
  • We will help you engage with grief, fear and anger in healthy and healing ways, showing you how to be emotionally free of illness.
  • We will encourage you to find and use your own wisdom whilst honouring your choices around orthodox medical advice and alternative modalities, promoting the process of discovery instead of the cycle of panic and despair.
  • We will encourage you to stop treating cancer as an enemy to fight and start seeing it as a teacher or awakener to learn from, to have a transformative more than terrifying experience.





Sophie recommends
Cancer Whispering coaches…

Sometimes reading a book is not enough. What makes sense on the page is harder to do in practice. Some of the skills in my book are advanced, if simple, tools for transformation. I have taught them on workshops for over twenty years and their power is best tapped by experiencing rather than understanding them. For this reason alone, they have never been published prior to the publication of my book.

I am recommending these loving and highly experienced coaches to work with you personally. They live the skills in my book and can take anyone through them with compassion and deep purpose. I wish you a fulfilling exploration into the gifts that this work brings.



A Discovery Session is a free 30 minute confidential session with a coach of your choosing, during which you get to explore how you are feeling, what you are facing and how you are coping with what is in front of you.

It is a time to consider what you want from coaching and from your coach.

It is an opportunity for the coach to share how they work and how they can and would support you on your unique journey.

By the end of the Discovery Session you should know if working with this coach is a good fit for you, and the coach will know if they are the best coach to support you. If for any reason the coach thinks another coach could be a better fit, they will make that recommendation.


There is no charge for a Discovery Session. Simply choose a coach, go to their calendar and book a date and time. It will be clear on the calendar what times are available. Different coaches will have different availability.

You can choose a single one hour session or book blocks of 3, 6 or 12 sessions.
All amounts in £ Sterling. *Other currencies calculated by £ value at the time of transaction. All sessions are one hour.

There is a sliding scale of charges which your coach will discuss with you.

Payment in advance will be made at time of booking directly to your coach via PayPal.

Wherever possible please give your coach at least 24hrs notice if you are unable to attend a session so we can reschedule.
We understand that there may be medical emergencies when this isn’t possible and all consideration will be given.

There may be times when it is necessary to cancel booked and paid for sessions. In this instance, it will be helpful if your coach is informed as soon as possible so a refund can be made, minus 15% administration fee.

by Sophie Sabbage