Cancer Whispering Coaches Biographies



I am an Attitude Management coach and trainer who is passionate about facilitating human transformation.

I believe it is possible to choose an attitude to live a meaningful life no matter what that life looks like.

I have the experience and capacity to hold and carry heartbreak, to make terror and despair liveable as you discover the wonder of gaining mastery of your own attitude, the power of your own wisdom and the strength of your own purpose.

I have been using and teaching the methods Sophie shares in The Cancer Whisperer for 25 years in many arenas and contexts including families with profoundly disabled and dying children, professionals in end of life and elder care services, high security prisons and a whole range of businesses and organisations.

Along the way I’ve sailed the Atlantic and Caribbean Sea, climbed mountains and parented three amazing (now adult) children.

I live in Wiltshire with my terrier, Tao.



I am a Relationship Coach, Consultant and Trainer.  I have been running my practice now for about 9 years and can honestly say that I love what I do and feel privileged to be doing it.  

I live in Hornchurch, Essex with my husband of 28 years very happily and have two grown up sons whom I am extremely proud of. What most delights me is the fulfilment of others through coaching and their own developmental progression.

I believe that it is more about how we handle what happens to us and our mindset as opposed to the event itself and being able to support others in the way that I do is such a blessing.

I have learnt so much about myself and others over the years and am passionate about supporting others to be their very best selves along this journey called Life.



I am an Attitude Mastery coach and trainer. I live in Manchester and I am a very proud mother of four fantastic young men.

I am passionate about empowering people to find their unique path through the joys and challenges life brings. I have the capacity to witness and be alongside heartbreak, fear and despair and to assist precious individuals to re-find hope, access their wisdom and passion and find a meaningful path forward.

I believe we don’t necessarily have power over what happens in life, but we do have power over our attitude and our response to each situation. The tools Sophie shares in the ‘The Cancer Whisperer’ are powerful and effective.

I have been privileged to use, learn from, and teach these tools for 25 years, in different  contexts, with many precious individuals. I am deeply inspired by Sophie’s courage and commitment to embrace her life and to shine a light for others to follow.

I feel blessed to do the work I do.



I have been a life coach since 2008 and I have known Sophie Sabbage for many years.

I am inspired by her dedication to her life and this work, and by her wisdom, deep compassion and ability to tell the truth-even when that is not easy. I got married to my wonderful wife Heide in 2014.

I am also a general medical practitioner – having practised in London for over 20 years-and a GP appraiser. In this role I should stress that I am working as a (Cancer Whispering) coach and NOT a medical practitioner to dispense any medical advice etc.

I have a calling to be alongside people in the reality of their lives, with all the challenges that this may bring, and to support them to their next steps. This involves harnessing peoples’ innate resources and tapping into hopes and visions for their lives.

I am privileged to be a Cancer Whispering Coach.