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One Step Beyond

9.01.2015   Diary, Milestones   2 Comments

Hooray! There is a 5 after ‘terminal’! There are only four stages to cancer (Stage 4 being the last), but here I am, ‘terminal’ cancer patient, setting off my journey to a clinic in Mexico with strength in my legs, …


5.12.2014   Featured, Reflections   4 Comments

It unfolded in excruciatingly slow freeze frames, each one exquisitely brutal in its accuracy and tossing me into a dark, breathless, bottomless sea of no exit, no future, no hope. The universe just popped like a party balloon and lay …

Pizza Face

28.11.2014   Diary   2 Comments

(I am more struck by how sad my eyes are than how damaged my skin looks)

After 7 days I looked so awful I refused go out in public and can’t bear to post the picture.  Sorry.  Not that brave!…

Dr Dana Flavin

26.11.2014   Treatments   5 Comments

There are doctors and there are angels. Sometimes they are one and the same. I came across Dr. Dana Flavin in a film called Cancer Conquest, which I watched within two weeks of my diagnosis. I was very struck …

My Journey of Wellness with Terminal Illness Sophie Sabbage


What cancer patients say

“This is an inspirational book by a cancer patient who, although in the advanced stages of the disease, remains positive and is at peace with herself and her disease. It is a step-by-step guide to help you understand your disease so that you can begin to deal with it. She helps you to be at peace with your unwell body and not regard it as a battleground. She believes you may not be able to control all the events that happen but you can choose how to respond and decide not to be reduced by them – you can always choose your own way. She ends the book writing a letter to her cancer, which is quite amazing.

I like everything about it; it’s probably the best book for cancer patients that I have read. I like the way it is written – part memoir, part practical and spiritual advice. The book has received high acclaim from the cancer community and I can see why. If you could only read one book on how to live with cancer make it this one!”

What cancer patients say

“I love this book. It’s one that you have to read to the end. It’s a journey from weakness to strength, a blueprint for empowerment and how to change your attitude to cancer and take charge of your life. Joy, pain, love, and wisdom permeate this book; it’s a pleasure to read.”

What cancer patients say

“Wow! That is just what I needed as a remedy to all the other stuff. Yes, I agree with everyone who says how inspiring it was to read. How useful. What a light it shines. And how helpful it was to have someone to gauge one’s own experience against. It has really set me off on the right foot. I love your voice. And your advice to “own” my own treatment process has been THE most valuable yet.”

What cancer patients say

“I loved reading this book when I needed something for the disastrous diagnosis I had just been given. The Cancer Whisperer offered sane words that resonated and got me thinking. It’s not a book with the answers, it’s a book that points you in the right direction. Well written, easy to read. Sophie is just that, the whisperer – helping you to make your own choices, positive and assuring. Highly recommended.”

What cancer patients say

“This inspiring book is not just of interest to people diagnosed with cancer but instead offers us all a way of engaging with our lives more fully however long our lives may be. Sophie allows us to appreciate that the challenge of cancer contains within it many opportunities to learn about ourselves. Rather than descend into metaphors of warfare – where cancer becomes the enemy within – her beautiful ‘cancer whispering’ model encourages us to take responsibility for how we respond to the disease while learning to understand ourselves with honesty and compassion. This is empowering and at times even exhilarating. It changed me from a frightened passive patient into somebody involved in my treatment choices and most importantly appreciating and engaging with my life again. Thank you Sophie!”

What cancer patients say

“I was once told that my oncologist referred to me as a ‘difficult’ patient. I soon realised that what she meant was that I asked questions – culturally she saw this as insulting and second-guessing, while I saw it as the only way to be empowered through the roller coaster that is my reality. I am very happy that I chose to remain with this oncologist, and over the years we have earned each other’s mutual respect. But how wonderful for my approach and attitude to be vindicated in Sophie Sabbage’s must read The Cancer Whisperer. Every word of every page and process breathes authenticity and truth. Her truth is my truth and I love you Sophie for telling it like it is, how it should be, and how to move upward and outward through every challenge, day by day, year by year.”