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One Step Beyond
Sophie Sabbage | 9 January

Hooray! There is a 5 after ‘terminal’! There are only four stages to cancer (Stage 4 being the last), but here I am, ‘terminal’ cancer patient, setting off my journey to a clinic in Mexico with strength in my legs, …

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Sophie Sabbage | 5 December

It unfolded in excruciatingly slow freeze frames, each one exquisitely brutal in its accuracy and tossing me into a dark, breathless, bottomless sea of no exit, no future, no hope. The universe just popped like a party balloon and lay …

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Pizza Face
Sophie Sabbage | 28 November

(I am more struck by how sad my eyes are than how damaged my skin looks)

After 7 days I looked so awful I refused go out in public and can’t bear to post the picture.  Sorry.  Not that brave!…

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Dr Dana Flavin
Sophie Sabbage | 26 November

There are doctors and there are angels. Sometimes they are one and the same. I came across Dr. Dana Flavin in a film called Cancer Conquest, which I watched within two weeks of my diagnosis. I was very struck …

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