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The Cancer Warriors
Sophie Sabbage | 1 January

Okay, so now my blood is up. I’ve been trying to get some rest after the most intense year of my life, but some things just require a girl to blog. Rant. Shout. Petition. Mobilise. Incite. Send out a rallying …

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Never Say Never
Sophie Sabbage | 16 November

This time a year ago I was counting my ‘lasts’ – my last Christmas, my last winter, my last days with my daughter and nights with my husband, my last everything.…

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The Spiritual Gym
Sophie Sabbage | 27 October

The ego is a seriously crafty sucker. There I was worrying that mine would over inflate in the face of all this publicity, but instead it reduced me to a pathetic defenceless waif wailing about being manipulated, misrepresented and deeply …

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The Nocebo Effect
Sophie Sabbage | 20 October

Over the past few days I have been watching an online documentary series by a brave man called Ty Bollinger (who lost several family members to this disease) called The Truth About Cancer. Some of you cancer peeps may …

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champagne 8 sips
That Day When
Sophie Sabbage | 10 October

Yes, I did. 8 sips exactly. Left the rest.

That day when your scan results confirm “an excellent response to treatment” and only refer to the one remaining primary tumour in the lung, which is now quite small.…

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One Year On
Sophie Sabbage | 6 October

It’s October, my first ‘cancerversary’ since being diagnosed twelve remarkable months ago. If I had fulfilled my prognosis my friends and family would be several months into grieving the loss of me. …

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Terminating ‘Terminal’
Sophie Sabbage | 23 September

So I still have Stage Four cancer and all that jazz, but I am officially terminating the word ‘terminal’ when describing my condition. It’s got to go.…

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Advance or Retreat
Sophie Sabbage | 10 August

I probably shouldn’t joke about it, but I feel like I died and went to heaven. I am on retreat for five days in a beautiful corner of Kent where a Buddhist couple has created a haven of mindfulness and …

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