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How to Prepare for Brain Surgery
Sophie Sabbage | 9 March
Do a four-day juicing fast with high nutrient shots and supplements. Then eat for a few days to build strength (super food smoothies, soup, lots of vegetables, good fat, healthy protein, even a raw food brownie). Have a hot stone…
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Health Update
Sophie Sabbage | 19 August
May 23:

8 hours Gamma Knife radiation to 27 small brain tumours. Backed up by ozone therapy, …

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Living a thousand lives
Sophie Sabbage | 20 July

Since my last update and blog two months ago, I have:…

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A Marathon, Not A Sprint
Sophie Sabbage | 18 May

Growing up in Wales involved being hauled up mountains by my parents on a regular basis – come rain or shine and usually against my will. …

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Living The Dream
Sophie Sabbage | 29 February

Perhaps the only dreams that die are the ones that come true. They cease to exist in the very instant that they pass from imagination to reality. Until then they live on in the recesses of your mind…

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Homecoming 2016
The Best Homecoming
Sophie Sabbage | 26 February

After twelve days much needed rest, relaxation and riding in Morocco this was my welcome home at Gatwick Airport……

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The Cancer Canvas
Sophie Sabbage | 17 February

Two days ago a woman with stage four oesophageal cancer wrote a heart-rending message to one of the cancer communities I participate in. In agony and believing she was close to death, she asked us if she should resort to …

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Sophie Sabbage | 2 January

Gone are the halcyon days of pre-menstrual tension when I barked at innocent family members for minor infractions, burst into tears if there was no milk in the fridge for my morning coffee and devoured entire packets of chocolate biscuits…

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