Sophie is a bestselling author who has worked in the field of human development, esoteric psychology and corporate culture change for over twenty years. She is a Senior Trainer with More To Life, a global educational foundation that has helped transform the lives of thousands since its inception in 1981.

B.C. (before cancer) she ran an award-winning business consultancy with Dr. K. Bradford Brown, an exceptional psychologist and theologian who became her mentor and business partner until his death in 2007. Together they delivered change programmes to diverse organisations including Tesco, British Airways, Unilever, the NHS and the Mandela Rhodes Foundation in South Africa.

Following her ‘terminal cancer diagnosis’ in 2014, Sophie drew on all her skills, wisdom and tenacity to pull herself back from the brink of death and create her life anew. Her first book, The Cancer Whisperer, became an instant bestseller when it was published by Hodder and Stoughton in 2015 and has since been translated into eleven languages. It placed her on a global stage in this arena as a keynote speaker and voice for patients in the media. Sophie still has cancer, but cancer does not have her.

All Sophie’s work is dedicated to awakening the mind and freeing the spirit through bold, authentic and creative engagement with the challenges of life. Her next book, Lifeshocks – And How to Love Them, is being published in June 2018.

Sophie has written articles for leading magazines, blogs and newspapers. She is a regular online columnist for the U.S. publication Psychology Today. She is available as a freelance writer and inspirational speaker.

Sophie’s academic background is in English literature, psychology and organisational change. She is a founding fellow of Professor William Torbert’s Action Inquiry Associates and an agent of change who measures leadership not by how many followers someone has but by how many other leaders they create. Her passport and right to vote are among her most prized possessions. Sophie is a devoted wife to her husband John and grateful mother to their turbo-charged daughter Gabriella.


“She doesn’t just understand what I need; she helps me understand what I need. There’s almost no one out there who actually changes human behaviour. She does.”

“You live the work you teach and every time you share highlight that choosing to be free is not an ‘easy’ choice. Yet you do this again and again.”

“Underneath all of this something else bubbles, something about the absolute unknowability of living, of our lives and how you seem to be constantly mining that truth over and over. Thank you for sharing your courage and wisdom with us all. You inspire me profoundly.”

“Thank you for being a miracle Sophie, and for sharing the journey with us. Thank you for your willingness to live so exquisitely and to “die” so well and to live again. Thank you for inspiring such joy and gratitude in me and reminding me to take things not “for granted” but “for grace”. I am celebrating with you and praying for continued your healing!”

“You changed my life. You changed my daughter’s life. Beyond measure. Thank you Sophie. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for others, but thank you for all you have done for myself and my darling daughter.”

“I first met Sophie after she had interviewed the senior management team in my business. I was immediately impressed at how she had weighed everything up in such a short time. Sophie saw through all the personal agendas and showed a depth of understanding that put everything into perspective. She didn’t come in waving flags; she just saw what was needed and knew how to take us there.”