The Cancer Whisperer – How To Let Cancer Heal Your Life

The Cancer Whisperer – How To Let Cancer Heal Your Life

Enter the world of cancer whispering.


Available in the UK/Commonwealth in hardback, eBook and audio.

Published: Coronet imprint of Hodder and Stoughton.


Now USA in hardback, eBook, audio and large print. Includes a brand new epilogue.

Published: Plume imprint of Penguin Random House. 

The book is being translated for Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Brazil, Croatia, Czech Republic, and the Netherlands…

German Edition: Available from

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“I have been counselling cancer patients and their families for the last 23 years. There are only a handful of books that I recommend. Sophie’s Sabbage’s book, The Cancer Whisperer, just rose to the top of my list. It will guide you through self-discovery and empower you to create a healing milieu in your body, mind and spirit.”  

Daniel Kennedy Contreras, MC, Pyscho-Oncology Counsellor and Executive Director, Oasis of Hope Hospital

Book Description

Both memoir and self-help book, this is the remarkable chronicle of a passage from ‘terminal’ diagnosis to exuberant wellness in just a few months. The Cancer Whisperer reverses our traditional adversarial relationships with cancer by teaching us how to listen to it, how to be healed by it as well as seek to cure it and how to be emotionally free of illness even when physically curtailed.
Inspired, wise and moving, this book is as unflinching as Lisa Lynch’s ‘The C Word’, as uplifting as Kris Carr’s ‘Crazy, Sexy Cancer’, and carries us to a new threshold in our relationship with cancer, strengthening our ability to meet it with courage, creativity, gratitude and grace.


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Praise for The Cancer Whisperer

Sophie Sabbage is a force. The effortless beauty of her writing insinuates her powerful messages deep within the reader, and I found myself brought to tears with regularity. There is enough poetry, passion and purpose compressed into this small volume to propel you to reconsider every aspect of your life in the most fundamental way. (more)

Robin Daly, Founder of Yes To Life (UK Cancer Charity)

Praise for The Cancer Whisperer

 “Sophie’s book is inspiring, informative and motivating.  It is a tribute to all those who have not given up,  all those who have followed their own heart and taken their healing into their own hands, with our without conventional medicine.  These are the real heroes in medicine and Sophie’s help to give them the courage they need is a gift to all.”

Dr. Dana Flavin, Physician, Scientist, Pharmacologist and Founder of CollMed, The Foundation for Collaborative Medicine and Research

Praise for The Cancer Whisperer

“If you have cancer or are close to someone with cancer, let this book whisper to you. Without ever shouting, there is no paragraph in this book that is not practical, not passionate, not urgent, not crackling with intelligence and piercing compassion. Written with great intensity and economy, it is like a great book of poetry – an intimate companion in a time of fear, when clear-eyed, well-informed, uncompromising friendship is most appreciated.”

Professor William Torbert, creator and author of Action Inquiry: The Secret of Timely and Transforming Leadership.

Praise for The Cancer Whisperer

“I’m bowled over by Sophie’s book. This is wisdom from a huge, generous heart and formidable intelligence. Profound, passionate, lucid, Sophie presents a new way of responding to cancer by attuning, going deeper, getting on purpose, making clear decisions about action and treatment. Through her fierce truth-telling, glorious will to live, beautiful writing and reversals of traditional readings of the ‘meaning’ of cancer, she shows us how to say yes to joy and pain while wresting value, love and wisdom from whatever happens. The Cancer Whisperer is a brilliant and inspiring guide, in fact, for all of us when we feel defeated by body, mind, illness or challenging life events.”

Rosie Jackson, Author, B.A. D.Phil., creative writing teacher